The environment is more important than ever to Spicers and to our customers. Buyers are increasingly aware of the issues affecting their purchasing decisions and they're looking to suppliers to provide reassurance that product and services are environmentally sound.

At Spicers, we will provide product options to satisfy the varying needs of our customers and will ensure that we provide information to allow our customers, neighbours and the public to make informed choices about our products and their environmental creditability. And, for those that want something extra, we have an unrivalled offering of recycled content and FSC and PEFC certified grades.

Environmental Statement

Spicers recognises that its products and business operations have an influence on the environment and endeavours to take practical steps to minimise any negative impact. We have therefore adopted responsible environmental policies that comply with and where possible go beyond the requirements of environmental standards and legislation.

Suppliers to Spicers are required to demonstrate their respect for the environment by following responsible working practices. Suppliers are required to utilise raw materials from well-managed sources and to verify their claims on environmental issues when requested.

Spicers is commited to making available a choice of recycled products as well as those originating from sources certified to be well-managed or operating accredited environmental management systems. Environmental information is published for our major stocked products in order that the consumer is able to make an informed choice of materials.

Environmental Policy

Spicers operated under the environmental policy of PaperlinX. PaperlinX is commited to responsible environmental management.

Paperlinx undertakes to:

  • Manage its operations and activites to comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations, licences and other commitments to which the company subscribes;
  • Regularly review and set environmental objectives and targets to continually improve its environmental performance including pollution prevention;
  • Apply the principles of hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control;
  • Maintain a high level of environmental awareness throughout its organisation by training and communication;
  • Consult regularly with its neighbours, local community groups and all levels of government; and
  • Openly report on its environmental performance.

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